Day one is already over in Brisbane and the magic has well and truly begun. Straight away our young magicians are launched into their first lessons in magic and are meeting each other for the first time.

We know from our first Amazing Magic Club in Sydney that many of these young people haven’t spent much time around other children with hemiplegia and it can be a really eye opening experience for them to meet someone else with the condition.  Seeing that you are not alone and that other people have the exact same struggles that you do, can be a really powerful experience to take away from the club and we know from our experience in Sydney, that knowing a special skill like magic combined with knowing that you are not alone in living with hemiplegia can change a child’s life.

But these things take time and for now our young magicians are revelling in the new experience of being at the club.

Here is what our young magicians thought of their first day!


I like my buddy, I’m excited to show my friends the magic tricks.


I liked seeing all the magic tricks and trying them and helping out.


I liked the magic tricks, I was really excited about it (the Club).


The rubber band trick was good because you use your fingers.


The performance was my favourite thing… I can do the ball trick.


I like learning the new tricks… I’m going to trick gran with the snapper (watch out gran).


It made me feel happy.


I really liked the performance.


I liked when Sam was dressed up, and when he was about to throw the egg and it wasn’t real.