The Amazing Magic Club Brisbane has begun! 

This morning ten young magicians filed into the Queensland Theatre Company in Brisbane, where they were greeted by our Amazing Magic Club staff and magicians. First up our resident magicians Bruce Glen and Sam Angelico gave the children and their families a glimpse of what was to come with their own amazing magic show before the parents left and the real magic began.

Our ten young magicians all have a form of cerebral palsy called hemiplegia. Hemiplegia affects one side of the body, so many things that you and I do everyday with two hands these young people have become very good at doing with just one hand. But this is a two-handed world and magic is a two-handed art, so our young magicians will have to work extra hard over the next two weeks doing absolutely everything with two hands.

But before our magicians Bruce and Sam impart a single insider lesson into the mechanics of magic our magicians-to-be all have to complete The Amazing Magic Club’s Magician’s Pledge

It goes like this:

I promise:

never ever,

ever ever


to tell anyone else

the secrets of our magic. 

In the two weeks ahead of these young magicians a lot of learning is going to happens but it doesn’t always happen in the way they expect. Magic is special, and learning magic is unlike learning anything else. It takes lots and lots and lots of practice. One of the best things someone with hemiplegia can do is practice a two-handed activity over and over again, allowing the brain to form new pathways around that activity. Learning to tie your shoes or to dress yourself is important but it doesn’t feel quite as special when everyone else can do it already. But magic is something that only a magician can do, and the things that magicians can do with two hands cause people to stop and consider the impossible. 

This is how the Amazing Magic Club will affect these children’s lives in the two short weeks that it runs. By the end of the club, they will be able to make the average person question the very fabric of reality with their own two hands and hopefully, their own two hands will amaze even them.

But not before they promise to safeguard the secrets of an age-old tradition and never ever, ever ever, ever, give their secrets away.