Bruce Glen, Member of The Magic Circle is our resident Arts Health Institute magician. He reflects on the experience of working on a program to improve the hand function of children with spastic hemiplegia.

I have been a magician for over fifty years. This year, when I began learning about the concept on which the Amazing Magic Club is based, I experienced real magic for the first time.

The methods and strategies employed have already had a life-changing effect on hundreds of children in the UK. I am humbled to have been given the opportunity to introduce this program to Australia.

Like most thinking magicians, I believe that magic is about much more than tricks and puzzles. It’s about creating an experience that allows people to re-visit the sense of wonder and amazement they felt during the innocence of childhood. One of my fellow magicians has described it as presenting your audience with a ‘gift’. The Amazing Magic Club has the potential to be one of the most precious gifts that many of our students will ever receive.

Bruce Glen - Arts Health Institute Performer