The Amazing Magic Club isn’t just all magic practice. Everyday our young magicians put down their cups, cards, wands and ropes and head outside with our staff to play games. As with all things in the Amazing Magic Club it has to be done with two hands. Our Magic Helpers head outside with the children and supervise some great bimanual games, all of which involve two hands and a lot of fun.

Under the supervision of our occupational therapists the children play: grip ball, twister, captain ball, tunnel ball, over and under, tray relays, noodle volleyball, musical statues and clapping games. Just to name a few. It’s also just a nice time to recharge and move around before more magic practice starts again.

Here is what some of our magicians say about bimanual games:


I like Twister because you get to do things that are difficult


I like noodle volleyball. It’s funny because you have to catch the ball in the noodle


I like piggy in the middle because you get to throw the ball to each other


My favourite is piggy in the middle because boys and girls can play

Kai with Noodle

Teddy playing Noodle Volleyball